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Consistent Comfort
The two-stage system operates at low heat most of the time and automatically modulates to higher heat production if the temperature drops. Run the high efficiency fan continuously to improve indoor air quality. The variable-speed motor can also help increase comfort by maximizing moisture removal during cooling operation.

Direct Hot Surface Ignition System features an advanced silicon nitride igniter for years of reliable starts.

The RPJ® III primary heat exchanger is made of corrosion-resistant weld-free stainless steel. The unique integrated ripple-edged design forces more heat to the outside surface area for higher efficiencies.

Heating On Demand
Two-stage redundant gas valve, two-speed induced draft blower assembly, and variable-speed motor operate normally at the lower stage and ramp up as needed.

Variable-speed circulation blower motor is pre-lubricated, dynamically balanced, and resilient mounted to reduce vibration and noise.
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15 SEER A/C , DC Motor
Digital Programable Thermostat
Will help Reduce your Home Electricity Consumption
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